Call for papers

Our question to you: send us a text of a maximum of a hundred words about paper and choose the type of paper on which you want to see your text printed.

“Over papier:” on paper: a box with 200 sheets of paper each with a quotation about paper and a table of contents of the used papers. Exclusively for the senders of the texts.

“Over papier:” on the internet: all the submissions will be placed on the website Together they will form a database with facts, opinions and information about paper. Free accessible for everybody that is interested in paper.

Arie Lenoir, or Lenoirschuring, PO Box 37235, 1030 AE Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Details: all submissions will be processed in an identical format. If the chosen type of paper is not available at the paper merchant in the Netherlands, then Arie Lenoir will discuss an alternative together with the contributor. Lenoirschuring will be responsible for the entire production. The contributor is responsible for the submitted text.